Live Dealer Online Casino NJ

Players in New Jersey have been enjoying the live dealer online casino experience since 2016. To help gamblers pick the best one, we’ve put together this review with years of expertise and practice.

We regularly visit live NJ legal gambling sites and test their selection of real dealer casino games to provide players with the most enjoyable gaming experience.


Best NJ live dealer casinos


888 Casino

888 Casino


No Deposit Bonus $20

$20 sign-up bonus$500 bonus on your first deposit600+ games available

WynnBET Casino

WynnBET Casino


100% Match Sign-Up Bonus

Accessible via desktop and mobile devicesCan play free and real-money casino games WynnBET Casino app is functional and easy to use




$1,025 Deposit Bonus

100% up to $1,000 deposit bonus$25 Freeplay bonus24/7 Support
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PokerStars Casino
PokerStars Casino


$50 Casino Instant Bonus


100% up to $600 on deposit

Bet $1 get $100 free play

Attractive bonuses and promotions

BetRivers Casino
BetRivers Casino


100% match up to $500


New members can choose from four different deposit bonuses

Each bonus dollar must be wagered once before withdrawing

Withdrawals are processed instantly

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    What Are Live Dealer Casino Games?

    croupier icon imageLive dealer casino games are online versions of popular casino table games, such as roulette, blackjack, poker and others.

    There is indeed a live dealer ensuring you enjoy every second of each game, and the result is exciting. The premise is to make it possible to play online and interact between player and dealer – human to human. You can see the operator’s hands and even hear the ambient sounds.

    It’s possible to glance over the entire table through a camera positioned right in front of the dealer. Simultaneously, he follows the game on a monitor, providing information on the players’ moves. The dealer can also read the chat, where all those playing at that table can type.

    Watching the game live delivers more security since gamblers tend to rely more on the physical elements. Even with very advanced electronic games, there’s nothing like being able to witness the movement of the cards, their sound while leaving the card shoe, and the dealer’s smile accordingly.

    No chips are at play, as their digital counterparts replace them. Strange as it may seem to newcomers, it adds a few advantages. The game is faster and more dynamic without the need to move them around.

    These online live dealer casinos are available on regular desktops, tablets, and cell phones, both Android and iOS. We recommend relying on a stable network connection with a speed of at least 5 Mbps. 

    How to Choose the Best Live Dealer Casino in NJ

    To find the ideal live dealer online casino, we require some notions about the services offered by legal online casino sites. There are dozens of these at your disposal, each with different games on offer, reward programs, customizations, and several promotions. When picking the best online casino, we recommend you pay attention to the following:

    Region served. Many online live casinos operate with regional restrictions due to local legislation. 

    Games. Pick the online casino that has the games you want. If there is no preference beforehand, we suggest casino sites with a greater variety of games, which are often more attractive. 

    High quality. The service must be top-notch. That means high visual contrast, good audio, and an intuitive menu to interact with the operator.

    Rewards. Each brand offers its line of rewards. They may provide credit for new players, a points system for every dollar spent, and events with big prizes. Check the betting requirements before taking on any offers.

    Payment. Opt for those that offer multiple payment methods. It’s also important to be aware of withdrawal options: these are not the same as deposit options, with a few taking up to 10 days to be credited.

    Security. Sites and applications need to have the most recent security certificates issued by specialised companies or government agencies. 

    How to Start Playing Live Dealer Games?

    online icon imageThe first step is to create your account at our recommended licensed NJ online casinos with live dealers. We remind you these gambling pages accept only players 21 years or older.

    Pick from our best offers and fill in your details before activating your account. We remind you players don’t have to be NJ residents. However, you can only access these sites if you’re within the State’s borders. 

    As with most licensed casinos in the US, you can deposit funds via bank transfer, Visa and Mastercard credit cards, and most reputable digital wallets. Once the account is created and funds are available, you can look for a live casino table and play for real money.

    Our recommended pages offer several games sure to cater to all tastes. Browse through the options and find the one you like the most. If in doubt, there is a section explaining the game’s rules within each menu. It’s always positive to be aware of this particular option, even if you know the rules. After all, some platforms may offer different ways of playing a game with the same name.

    Once you have found your live game, click on the virtual chips to pick an amount and place your bet. The software shows how to proceed when the game runs over several rounds. Options may include “call“, “fold“, and “raise“, as well as choosing numbers and cards.

    The results are shown on the screen automatically, informing of victories and the amount received. If this is your last round, it’s possible to leave a tip for your live online dealer as a kind thank you note.

    The Best Live Dealer Online Casinos

    The following are amongst the top online live dealer casinos in NJ, offering a complete range of live games to meet the highest demand. There is something special for everyone, and we’ll run through the most appealing features of each operator. 


    poker icon image

    PokerStars is a true giant in the world of gaming, and players from NJ can benefit from its extensive game offer. Its online casino offers top-of-the-line features with enough content to entertain gamblers of all sorts. They offer virtually everything, from the most basic games to customized versions. 

    Amongst their game catalog, there is the possibility of playing in championships, including big payouts. Here, you can play Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, Poker – including Three Card Poker – and other exciting games such as Spin the Wheel or even Live Bingo.

    Several benefits, such as a points program that includes up to 25% in rewards, are on offer. The program also encourages player development by guaranteeing better bonuses for high-level players.

    There are also attractive promotions for newcomers, such as the following:

    • Play a hand and get $50 in free play.


    • Get a 100% bonus on your first deposit of up to $600!

    A minimum of $10 is required to deposit, using various methods such as Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, and Bank Transfer.


    WynnBet online casino is a relatively new company that offers top live dealer casino games in some states, including New Jersey and Michigan. The option to play with a live dealer is relatively new. As a result, the portfolio is still small but constantly updated. The platform is well executed, with clear menus and easy-to-find options.

    With a constant light mood across its chat, Blackjack and Roulette live dealer games take the lead here if you’re after something fun and immediate. Amongst the most exciting variants are names such as Lightning Live and the 100/1 Roulette. 

    Those with a flair for poker will find their joy at the popular Live Ultimate Texas Hold’em and Live Three Card Poker tables. There are other fun variants, from Four Card to Let it Ride and even Pai Gow. A worthy catalogue for a live casino in NJ that keeps playing its best cards.

    Those looking for a live casino bonus in NJ will be pleased to find a 100% match deposit promotion up to $1,000. Alternatively, the Double Down invites you to bet $100 from Saturday to Monday in exchange for a $20 bonus.

    WynnBet also works with a minimum deposit system of $10, and they universally accept only Visa and Mastercard as payment methods. Other payment methods may be possible according to the player’s status. 

    888 Casino

    poker icon imageThe 888 Online Casino brand is one of the industry’s most prominent players, and their live game offer is up to the hype. There are 40 tables with live dealers, including many of the classic game formats you expect to find at the best gambling operators in NJ.

    There’s much to be excited about here, so let us start slowly. All live games at 888 casino are top-notch experiences, with professional, hand-picked dealers that share a supreme ability to make you feel welcome.

    Try the live Baccarat and rediscover a timeless classic. Here, you face the dealer up to 9 points – or the closest possible. Sounds familiar? Then you can’t miss out on any of the live blackjack NJ tables available here.

    Enjoy the fun and cheekiness of the live dealers once you stand at 17, or feel the vibe as the card flips to find you that 21 you’ve been holding out for. The selection of live roulette tables doesn’t fall shy of other tables available at the 888 casino in NJ. After all, the high-RTP game that keeps conquering rooms and hearts worldwide is as exciting here as it would be if you were there yourself.

    Make your simple bets or opt for the complex approach. Will the ball land on zero this time around? Are you prepared to stick to your best strategy? There’s much to find and enjoy here. Not without a quick stop at the live Dreamcatcher, the wheel of fortune’s big sister.

    Ever dreamed of what it would be like to face Pat Sajak and his funny remarks as the wheel spins? This is as close as it gets, with 888 casino’s live dealers chasing up on your bets across every spin.

    Are you prepared to give these games a fresh start? New players can receive up to a $500 welcome bonus or $20 as a live dealer online casino with no deposit bonus. You can deposit money using several methods: credit cards, bank transfers, Paypal, Play+, Discover, and other convenient options. The minimum deposit amount at 888 Casino is also $10, allowing you to try some of the best live casino games on offer in NJ.

    Who Can Play Live Dealer Casino Games?

    poker icon imageNew Jersey is well known for its gambling passion. Online gambling has been legal since January 2011. These games are only allowed for people over 21 years of age, and personal data must be entered on the site at the time of registration. 

    These sites place a high priority on following their policies and local laws. Minors caught cheating and/or gambling may find their account and balance frozen and face legal penalties.

    Most of these casinos only accept connections from those within their territory. Even if you are a resident, being in another state or near the border may prevent you from connecting, registering, or playing.

    Live Dealer Games vs. Regular Online Casino Games

    Much can be said about the differences between casino online live dealers and regular online casino games. Apart from each approach’s nature, a few more ingredients keep conquering gamblers worldwide. Find out our unbiased take on it in the following lines.

    Live Dealer Games

    russian roulette icon imageThe main appeal lies in added immersion. With the presence of other people, the game has a more authentic feel and becomes more fun. Even the dealer’s smile is a factor that makes the game less tiring, especially through long gaming sessions.

    The physical pieces may include cards, roulette wheels, and billiards. There is a greater connection with physical components and even furniture. Simultaneously, these elements provide a greater sense of security, allowing the player to witness everything happening.

    Added interaction. Through the chat mechanism, it’s possible to communicate with the dealer and other players. Chatting and comments make the game lighter and more enjoyable.

    Easy facilities. All actions take place over 1 or 2 clicks. Automated systems make calculations and show results, speeding up rounds.

    Regular Online Casino Games

    This approach feels like an electronic game. It is not much further than a video gambling game. Its mechanics are based on an RNG (Random Number Generator).

    There is limited interaction. Some multiplayer games allow interaction with other players. That’s not the case in solo games, which make up most of the regular online casino games on offer. This approach may suit those that prefer a quieter gambling session.

    These games excel because of their full availability. Games are available 24/7, whenever you want, across several devices.

    The player controls the game. There is no time limit for performing actions, allowing for more relaxed play or slower thinking. No added pressure makes some games more enjoyable.

    Real Money Live Dealer Games are Available in NJ

    send icon imageWe’re now going to let you in on which real money live dealer games are available in NJ. The following selection is based on popularity, fun factor, and the opportunity to see real winnings. Naturally, it all comes down to your preference, skill, and luck. These are the best live dealer online casinos in New Jersey available for real money play.

    Live Poker: More Than a Card Game

    With the help of an NJ online casino live dealer, you can enjoy several variants of poker games. The best known is Casino Hold’em, a version of Texas Hold’em where the player faces only the dealer’s hand instead of other players.

    Two cards are dealt to the player and the dealer, while the dealer’s cards are dealt face down. Another three cards are dealt face up. These are valid for everyone and are called “community cards.” The system automatically calculates and shows the player whether he won the poker hand with the available cards.

    Players decide whether to call or fold. When at least one Call is made, the dealer will complete the community cards with two more cards and reveal the house cards, which are turned over. The system recalculates the best hand to determine the winner.

    There is no need to use bluffing tactics as in the standard version to win this game. The most relevant factor is to attempt the best combination against the houses. Bet on draws with a flush or pairs, and fold with no pairs or low cards.

    Live Roulette: You Spin My Head ‘Round

    roulette icon imageThe online roulette game has a straightforward premise. A wheel with numbered slots spins, and a ball is dropped onto it. When the wheel stops spinning, the ball will end its movement and land in one of the roulette pockets. Players must bet on which pocket the ball lands in from various options. There are many betting options, and the player can try to guess whether it ends up in a certain number, color, or even within a range of the table. The most common options are picking an odd or even number and choosing red or black.

    Several strategies exist, such as the Martingale system. This approach is designed to compensate for losses by doubling the bet amount. Betting on even or odd numbers or lanes guarantees a greater chance of winning.

    Live Blackjack NJ: Win or Bust

    Blackjack is extremely popular, and it is easy to find a few dozen tables in the best live casinos. In this classic game, the dealer is your opponent. Both attempt to get 21 points on the cards or as close as possible without going over (bust).

    It is considered one of the fairest games in the casino world, with a high chance of winning. However, this is not entirely a game of chance. Knowing each hand’s options, rules, and relative odds is essential to winning.

    Once the dealer has 16 points or less, he asks for a card (hit). If he gets 18 or more, he must stand. A hand with aces is called soft, and a hand without aces is called hard. The dealer must hit if he is 17 soft – with an ace – or stand if he is 17 hard  – no aces.

    The so-called Double Down is an action that doubles the bet, calling another card and ending your game. A good tactic is to use this move with an ace in hand, especially against a 5 or 6 in the dealer’s hand. 

    Split, which occurs when splitting two of the same cards into two different hands, doubles the bet. It’s an ideal approach with two aces or two 9s, especially if the dealer has 7 or fewer. 

    Baccarat: Unpredictable Wins

    backgammon icon image

    Baccarat is yet another famous game that is very exciting to play. There are dozens of Baccarat live casinos online in NJ. Here, the dealer deals cards to form two hands. The players then need to pick the hand they believe will be the winner. One hand is called the Player Hand, and the other is called the Banker Hand. In this game, the hand that comes closest to 9 wins.

    It is also possible to place a Tie Bet or the so-called Pair Bet. Here, it’s worth remembering that suits do not influence numbers; only the value of the single card is considered. Aces are worth 1 point, and Jacks, Queens, and Royals are worth 0.

    Baccarat is a highly volatile game due to its randomness, making it difficult to predict results. The famous Martingale is a known tactic in other casino games. With this strategy, the player must double the bet every time he loses a round. 

    Thanks to this approach, when the player wins, he can expect to recover all his losses in a single move. But beware: this method can become unfeasible if the table has a betting limit or the money available for betting ends before a good hit.

    It is also not advisable to bet on draws. Although the pay is high, the odds are low, and it is not worth the risk.

    Best Software for Live Dealer Casino Games

    There is no point in taking the gaming table online if the software does not deliver the quality and ease required for a good experience. Thanks to the market’s high demand – with increasingly demanding players – having the best software can be the differentiator to win them over.

    Developers should offer an intuitive interface without confusing screens and unnecessary items. It is crucial to have only essential elements for the game in question on the screen and make it easy to find the chat and game rules.

    Advertisements and pop-ups can become tiresome, especially when playing on a mobile, where these events can cover the menu. The quality of the studio is also equally relevant. The video feed should be in high resolution, with clear sound quality.

    We evaluated the applications available on the market and put together the following list with an eye out for any outstanding features.


    urgent icon imageEvolution is a pioneer when it comes to live casino games. Its games are entirely focused on offering the best available in the virtual world. Well-trained operators and hundreds of online tables on a polished and stable high-end system are included.

    Dozens of big names operate Evolutions games within their platform. These include Betway, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, and 888 Casino. Thanks to it, customers can enjoy a platform that delivers innovation and straightforward digital solutions, making it a leader in this worldwide segment. Here are some of its main features:

    • Many new and customizable games;
    • Games provided in 15 languages;
    • More than 700 online tables;
    • Several dedicated VIP tables;


    Ezugi specializes in creating the best online casino online live dealers’ experience. This company was founded in 2012 and is currently part of the Evolution Group, even though it operates independently through its brand. It focuses on providing a fast, smart, personalized service according to region.

    Ezugi offers not only their service through studios, but it’s also possible to find what they call OTT (Over The Table). In this model, cameras are placed behind players in real casinos, allowing for total immersion of online players. The following features make Ezugi a relevant player in the live casino world:

    • 19 online games in 10 countries;
    • Many games run 24/7;
    • Games with multi-language operators;
    • Clear and easy-to-use interface;

    Real Money Live Dealer Games Available in NJ

    The following is a comprehensive list of real money live dealer games in NJ. Within each category, there are several unique tables available, side bets, limits, and the distinct character of each live dealer:

    • Blackjack;
    • Baccarat;
    • Poker (Hold’em, Three Card, and several others);
    • Roulette;

    How to Know That Live Dealer Games Are Fair?

    hosting icon imageAll online casinos with live dealers must pass a hearing that analyses all operations, ensuring that the games are fair and that players are safe. The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement is responsible for this regulation and for issuing all relevant licenses.

    This agency can audit casinos and studios, checking the games’ transparency. Providers need to guarantee customers the security of their data, such as identification records, bank accounts, and other payment methods.

    Pros and Cons of Playing Live Dealer Casino Games

    There are several pros and cons of playing at live dealer casinos. The following are the ones that define the experience to the fullest, and within each game category, some may appeal more than others.


    • Lived experience. It’s like being in a casino hotel;
    • Play from anywhere: your couch, bed, and even in the bathtub;
    • Unique bonus and reward programs;


    • It is expensive. Players pay more to enjoy the technology;
    • No control of the game. There are no breaks in the middle of the game. Actions have a time limit for execution to keep the game fluid for everyone;
    • Games may not always be available. Some have a schedule;

    Now that you have some comprehensive information regarding casino online live dealers in NJ, we invite you to discover the latest offers. Each live online casino game makes for the best of its classic counterparts, with enough surprises waiting at every turn.

    The best live dealer online casinos have lined up the most exciting promotions to ensure your next live casino session turns into a memorable adventure.


    Can I play live dealer games for free?

    Most often, live games in NJ are only available for real money play, but sometimes platforms offer various bonuses that you can use to play.

    Is there cheating in live dealer casino games?

    There is no chance of cheating in online games since the action takes place in real time, and you can watch the process.

    Can you contact dealers on live casino games?

    You have the opportunity to communicate with the dealer thanks to live chat.

    When can you play at a live dealer casino?

    You can play live roulette, baccarat, and other games at many NJ live casino apps. Our favorites are Caesars Casino, Unibet, and Hard Rock Casino.

    Are Live Dealer Casinos in NJ Safe?

    Of course, since they are tested by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (NJDGE), and each live casino site has the appropriate license from the state of New Jersey.

    What happens if I get disconnected?

    In case of technical difficulties, your bet will be calculated, and the winnings will be credited to your account.

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