Our Editorial Guidelines

The Gonjcasinos team is dedicated to providing fair, accurate and unbiased news and resources about legal gambling options in New Jersey. To ensure credible reporting, the website follows editorial standards and guidelines. Readers can trust that all posts and reviews are reliable sources of information about the Garden State gambling industry.

Editorial process

Gonjcasinos follow a special set of rules to ensure their articles are accurate and precise. These rules come from the Society of Professional Journalists. All articles must go through a review process before they can be published. This process checks facts and makes sure the article is easy to understand for Gonjcasinos readers. Our editors review every article to ensure it is correct and written well.


Gonjcasinos has a team of professionals that reviews and examines any facts stated in the published work. Our team consists of writers, editors, experts, observers, search engine professionals, and content managers. All points must go through a review process by this team before publication.

Feedback and suggestions

Let us know if something in our news stories or reviews does not match your experience. If we do something wrong, please tell us quickly. We also want to hear if you had a good experience with us.

You can see our team here.

If you have ideas or comments about something, you can send them to [email protected].

How we make money and conflicts of interest

Gonjcasinos partners with legal and regulated online sportsbooks, casinos and poker sites to get the best welcome offers for its readers. Gonjcasinos does not own any of these operators and ultimately controls the editorial coverage on the site. All of the casinos and sportsbooks are operating legally under NJDGE authorization.

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